Fundraising with SugarTown is Easy and Profitable! Simply take the orders, collect the payment, place your order. You can choose when you want to pick up the orders. We'll bake them fresh for your customers!

Your members will have pictures of the assortments they are selling to show the customers!

Call us and let us help you raise the $$ you need for your group!

Katie Lewis recommends SugarTown Sweets Shop

May 7, 2019

The Marlette Softball Program participated in the SugarTown cupcake fundraiser! It was super simple and fun! Everyone was eager and excited to get their cupcake orders! Sandy made everything smooth and easy! Not only did we raise money for our own program, but we also got to help a small town business...and enjoy all the delicious cupcakes!! Thanks SugarTown for the great service and tasty treats!! ☺️